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Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

The nuclear electric utility industry created the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations in 1979. INPO’s mission is to promote the highest levels of safety and reliability — to promote excellence — in the operation of nuclear electric generating plants. All U.S. organizations that operate commercial nuclear power plants are INPO members. Nuclear operating organizations in other countries and nuclear steam supply system, architect/engineering and construction firms are INPO participants.

The National Academy for Nuclear Training, which operates under the auspices of INPO, embodies the U.S. commercial nuclear utility industry’s commitment to high quality training and professionalism. The Academy integrates the training-related efforts of nuclear utilities, the independent National Nuclear Accrediting Board and INPO’s training activities.

INPO also represents U.S. utilities in the World Association of Nuclear Operators-Atlanta Center, which shares information with utilities worldwide. WANO, formed in 1989, unites every commercial nuclear power plant operator in the world—with members from all 32 countries that currently operate some 430 reactors.

Visit our public website at http://www.inpo.info for further details about the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.

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Dr. LaKisha White

Infrastructure Services

Phone: 770.644.8970

Email: WhiteLE@INPO.org 


Caitlyn Murphy

Software Developer II
Application Services

Phone: 770.644.8963

Email: MurphyCB@INPO.org